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[资料] 【仅供参考】Sonic Generations剧本精排[在线预览]

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[Green Hill Zone, Classic Sonic is runningaround when suddenly he stops due to an explosion. He looks around, wonderingwhere it came from. Shrugging it off, he keeps running, unaware of the TimeEater rising out from the sky. Classic Sonic turns around, and the screenturns white.]

Sonic's Birthday, and the TimeEater attacks

[The scene goes to the Present time. Everyoneis getting ready for Sonic's birthday party. Tails comes running.']

Tails: [Panting] He'll be here any second!

Sonic: Hey guys,what's going on? You having a party or something?

Everyone: SURPRISE!!!

[Knuckles, Blaze, Rouge and Espio fire partypoppers. Everyone starts clapping and cheering.]

Sonic: Awwww, youguys.

[The party begins, Sonic talks to Tailsbefore being hugged by Amy, Rouge and Knuckles cheer with Chili Dogs, Charmythrows three Chili Dogs to Vector, with Espio exasperated at this sight, andCream introduces her pet Chao, Cheese to Blaze.]

Tails: It's kindaimpossible to surprise you.

Sonic: [with his hand on Amy's face] You totallygot me this time, I had no idea.

Tails: Yeah, right.Happy birthday, Sonic! Hope you like this.

[He gets a plate with a chili dog wrapped ina bow. Sonic takes a bite of the chili dog.]

Sonic: Like it? Ilove it! [Sonic gives a thumbs up.Everyone keeps on partying. Suddenly a portal appears which produces a wave.]Woah!

[Everything from the table is blown away,including Sonic's chili dog.]

Tails: Sonic! What'sthat!? [Sonic realizes his chili dog isgone and searches for it. The Time Eater emerges from the portal.] What'sit doing? [Sonic is depressed that helost his chili dog, and looks at the Time Eater.]

[The Time Eater roars, and produces timeportals, it then starts sucking everyone in. The Chaotix get sucked in first.Rouge and Knuckles are seen holding on to the table, but are sucked in alongwith Amy. They are all seen been sucked into the time holes.]

Sonic: Hey! Not cool!

[Sonic runs towards the Time Eater, and jumpsforward to attack it with a Spin Dash. But the Time Eater swats him aside.Sonic hits the ground hard. Cream, Cheese and Blaze get sucked up inside thetime holes. Tails barely hangs on.]

Tails: Help us,Sonic!

[Tails finally gets sucked in. Sonic laysunconscious as the screen turns to white.]

Entering the White Space

[Sonic is seen laying unconscious at WhiteSpace. Sonic regains his senses.] Sonic:Where am I? [He looks around and seesGreen Hill Zone in a white state. Sonic runs towards it.]

Rescuing Tails

[A statue of Tails is seen to be restoringitself, turning Tails to normal. He realizes he is free, and breathes a sigh ofrelief.]

Tails: Thanks Sonic,I thought I was dead! Floating without a body in a black limbo! [Shivers] I'm going to have nightmaresfor weeks.

[Sonic crosses his arms and ponders aboutthat.]
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